Ms. Amanda Engel
College Counselor - Rm. 114B
Tel: (718) 297-6580 Ext 1144

H.S. Code: 332585

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College Office

The college office is about your future. Students need to start thinking about what they are going to do after high school. When you enter high school, it's hard to think about college and a career until you get closer to graduation, but it's never too early to start researching your options. Doing so may open your eyes to new and exciting careers you never knew existed or would interest you.

The College Office can be used to help you with your research. We have computers and many other references, including the "Occupational Outlook Handbook", which describes every occupation there is.

The College Office overflows with information on colleges, careers, financial aid, scholarships, open houses, the Armed Forces, college and job fairs, SATs and other exams, as well as summer programs, internships, job opportunities, and naturally there is always good advice and help available to you! I cordially invite all students, in all grades to come and visit our College Office in Room 114B. It's a visit you should all experience!

Counseling and guidance are available to seniors and their parents or guardians in the areas of college selection, financial aid and scholarships. There is a library of college catalogs, viewbooks, reference guides, applications, videos, and internet access available for student use. Students may use the office as long as they DO NOT HAVE A CLASS. Bulletin boards in and around Room 114B (The College Office) display information on scholarships, open houses, and other topics central to the college admission process. There is a scholarship section in the office as well.

HOW DO I GET MY COLLEGE APPLICATIONS?: City University of New York – CUNY Applications: 

The CUNY application may be completed ONLINE ONLY at In completing the application, you MAY APPLY TO UP TO SIX CUNY COLLEGES OR PROGRAMS for only 1 application fee. If you are not accepted to any of your choices, CUNY will still offer you a community college for admission, as long as you receive your diploma. Do not apply to ANY 4-YEAR SENIOR COLLEGE if you do not intend on taking an SAT/ACT exam. Without an SAT/ACT exam, you will be accepted to a community college, get an Associate Degree, transfer to a 4 year college for 2 more years and receive a Bachelor’s Degree. The CUNY code for SAT/ACT scores to be sent is : 2950 or CUNY/UAPC.

To the side are a variety of different links that will further aid you in your research about anything college related.